Dear  Customers

If you have a question about a repair or a servicing please use the contact form in the menu

For complaints, you can first of all contact us to resolve the issue. It’s not something that happens very often, quite the contrary but you never know, if you’re unhappy just tell us.

In the case of an exceptional, extremely serious unresolved issue, the European legislation allows you to file a complaint by contacting this address:

What you need to know about the specificity of the diamond business is the following information which should explain the difference between consumer goods like cars and dishwashers and custom made jewellery and specially selected diamonds. This might limit the standard consumer rights.

Diamonds are not consumer goods, the Diamond Exchange has an internal court of disputes recognized by the courts of law and Belgian legislation recognizes and even insists that all matters be settled first of all by the internal jurisdiction of the Diamond Exchange.

Sales in this framework of the regulations are final. No returns. It doesn’t even take a written sales contract but a word of agreement followed by a handshake seals the deal. It is summarized by the expression “Mazal and Bracha” meaning Good Luck and Blessings and the buyer and seller have a binding contract.


It’s a matter of mutual trust resulting in a long standing tradition of very strong mutual confidence.


  “Mazal and Bracha” is the traditional phrase used by the diamond industry when closing a deal. The expression is accompanied by a handshake and is articulated (in Hebrew) by diamond merchants all over the world. Each day countless diamond transactions are sealed worldwide with these words, which signal the universally accepted completion of negotiations, whether the deal takes place in Japan, New Zealand or the United States.



We act as brokers between you and the diamond companies and are bound by those same rules as I’m a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses for over 40 years with not a single case of dispute.