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“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”


My interpretation :

Better a diamond with an inclusion than a perfect one from the crooks around the corner. Confucius never knew diamond certificates so a “flaw” is not an inclusion and a Si1 inclusion when professionally approved is not a flaw.


“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”


my interpretation:

If you prepare your visit based on reliable, honest information then you will not waste your time and you will go home with the best diamond at the best price. But for that you must be honest with us, don’t give us false budgets.¬† TRUST real professionals.



Asian patience is something of a legend but unfortunately in our decades of experience we learned that its a myth… You cannot come here on a Friday afternoon at 4pm and expect to have a ring ready 20 minutes later in particular when you don’t even have the required budget for that ring ( don’t lie about the budget, please ) or if you think that we are here to cheat you.

We have many, many Chinese customers, some even respectfully call me “Uncle”. Others have really bad manners.

This page is to help and explain how things are different here at Philippe Harold Jewellers. We are not on the fish market in Shanghai. This is a very highly reputed  jewellery manufacturing and diamond expert company working for professionals and private customers. We expect to be treated with honour and respect. ( click on the pictures for a larger view)

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A special documentation for chinese visitors:

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Information and education for Chinese customers only

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