Dear customers and first time visitors,


Everything is evolving and we too are following events and update our communications.
In the past year pre ordered sales have enormously increased compared to sales resulting from local visits. This method saves time and unnecessary travel expenses.
Today with the Corona virus issues at hand the shipment of rings and other jewels resulting from secure, confident E-mail pre orders is a major improvement to your advantage.

The US$ is also now weaker against the Euro and let’s you enjoy lower prices too.

Here are the links to the two NEW albums, one for standard readily available jewellery, the other one for custom hand made jewellery:


We offer now a 15 days return policy which will be detailed in function of each specific order.

You can also consult this document here below,  objectively testifying to the quality of our services and honest advice resulting in thousands of very happy customers over the decades of our professional activity.


click this link to the document: