There is no better way to judge how we work and how much efforts we invest to make sure that you will indeed enjoy the very best for your hard earned money and at the same time deliver the nicest, most elegant and most suitable jewel, than an objective comment from people who have been here or pre ordered their jewellery from us. You’ll find some happy pictures in the menu on the left!

There are so many comments that we had to present a selection of them as PDF files which can be found in the links further below.


TRUST should be a  quality of mutual relationship between you and us, our own comments about bad people who can’t be trusted  can also be found in the menu on the left.

Fortunately, the  vast majoprity of people are decent, honest and grateful customers and I hereby want to express my sincere appreciation to all of them!

It’s not all about money but far more about Happiness !

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Happy Customers

Honesty pays

But also read some report about do’s and don’ts here below:

Please don’t

Would I be boasting if I told you that I’ve given more lasting pleasure to more women than Casanova and Don Juan put together ?


expectations click on the picture for an enlarged view  and… helped some men too !joke1