There is a huge difference between the attitude of a sleazy merchant and a dedicated, honest diamond advisor. The result is entirely to your benefit as you’ll enjoy the ownership of the best, highly valuable  diamond instead of the lowest quality sold at inflated prices with… a big dishonest discount.

Never rely only on certifications as two diamonds with the same specifications can be very, very different diamonds but all sold at the same price!

I would even say that comparing the prices of two diamonds without having examined them together is like comparing the prices of two restaurants without tasting the food !


Objective proof is available in the customer comments in the menu on the left.

Objective honest advice is also provided  when you are informed about budget issues, before you make an appointment. We do NOT say “YES” to any kind of request in particular when we know damn well that it’s totally unrealistic, ulike the sleazy merchants who will lure any gullible fool with a big smile, hoping to sell them something, honest or not.

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and a report about do’s and don’ts that are also budget related:

Please don’t

Fairy Tales of a Diamond Ring

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