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Sorry, as they are sold even before we can renew these pages, for the moment we will have to wait and see if we can arrange more promotions in the near future.

We are offering a small selection of diamonds at unbeatable prices  for a limited period of time.

This offer is only available on the web site and ends as stated.

Once sold or outdated the promotional offer will no longer be available at the advertised prices.

We guarantee the following:

 All diamonds have been personally examined and are free of any undocumented features, within the limitations of the laboratory issueing the certificate.

All diamonds are conflict free

All diamonds are sold at a price below our usual prices.

All diamonds are certified by a recognised lab. We never sell any EGL certified diamonds nor any other dubious certifications. All diamonds are natural, not treated, not Laboratory grown.

All diamonds are covered by the Belgian  consumer protection legislation.

All diamonds are fully approved by ourselves as high value for money as a result of the personal examination and the combination of verified quality and low prices.

All diamonds are unique sold as “first come first served” your e-mail date stamp will confirm the validity.

All diamonds can only legally be sold in a setting to be selected separately which is not included in the advertised price.

Insured shipment is complimentary, all prices are 21% VAT included. Export = -21% tax-refund

All diamonds can be returned for a full refund if not in conformity with the order within 10 working days. If a setting needs to be adjusted due to a wrong size given by the customer then that re sizing will be charged in function of the requested modification, if the modification is extensive, more than just a simple re sizing.

All other sales conditions apply as stated on our sales conditions you receive in our e-mails.

 to view the current promotional offer click here below: