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Dear visitor,

This form is reserved for requesting a quote only. It is a service with a fee.

What is the difference between requesting a quote and making an appointment ?

Statistics, gathered from thousands of e-mails show that requests for quotes have a bad reputation for unreliable and not always very honest intentions. Like sitting in another  shop just around the  corner with a mobile phone.

If you are not of that kind of  person then simply make an appointment to enjoy the very best service, quality and value for money as proven by thousands of very, very happy customers.

If… you just need a confirmation of the value for money you’ll enjoy then click on the link below for an objective proof. ( the “worth our while” kind of question)

Value for money objectively proven

P(l)ay it again Sam


Fairy Tales of a Diamond Ring

We can provide quotes too but you will pay a fee of 50 Euro valid for 3 quotes. Requesting a quote for: D to G and VVS1 to Si1 and two different certificates and Very Good to 3x Excellent will result in 160 different quotes !!! A diamond isn’t a consumer product. All diamonds are unique individual gems.  Quotes don’t show diamonds, quotes are misleading when the diamonds can’t be compared side by side.

The fee of 50 Euro will be refunded 55 Euro when you place the order for a diamond. If you send this form a credit card payment form will be forwarded.

A tip for the diehard bargain hunters, try this web site:

couldn’t find it ? Well maybe such miracles don’t exist or they’re too good to be true ?






    (Quotes are different from buying intentions and therefore a consultation fee will apply. The fee will be refunded 110% if the quote request becomes a purchase. No budget ? No diamond. Even for a quote we do need a budget range, please. It allows us to help you to be realistic. In function of the complexity of the requested quote, you will receive a quoted fee, good for 3 separate quotes.)

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