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Please do not send us any e-mails with illegal contents, they will be discarded.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE concerning Cash payments in Belgium:

Since January 2014, the government has imposed a limitation on all cash payments to a maximum of 3,000 Euro.
In Italy, that limit is set at 1,000 Euro only.
All transactions in cash above that limit are considered as “money laundering” with severe legal consequences.

Example: if you spend 4,500 Euro you can only give 450 Euro in cash ( 10% ) the balance 4,050 Euro MUST be paid by credit card or by bank transfer only.
As deposits are 30% then your deposit can only be split as follows: 450 € in cash and the remaining 900 Euro by credit card.
The only alternative is to deposit the full amount in cash into our local bank account, a deposit made in your name for which you need a passport but also a proof of address such as an identity card or a very recent, plastic drivers’ license.

This is no longer a “grey area” issue but a very serious breach of the law. Diamond companies are not trading in cash any more.

Bargain hunters will be lured by sleazy merchants who will propose to split the tax 50/50 ( with higher prices to start with…no real benefit ) or invoice second hand jewellery or smuggle the ring for them with all the risks involved not only to themselves but even more for  the naïve customer ( or willing victim…) Lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, high profile business people all risking their career for a potential saving of a few hundred  Euros.  Quite clearly such unreliable merchants should be avoided even if they come “highly recommended” by some foolish, irresponsible authors of postings on forums.  Money laundering is no longer a minor but today a major criminal offence!

Thu 17/03/2011 – 12:46 Antwerp public prosecutors intend to prosecute one hundred diamond traders following a major investigation into fraud in the diamond trade in the northern port city.Scores of other diamond traders have been offered an out-of-court settlement, if they pay the taxes that were due on the operations.The investigation centres on a firm that transported diamonds all over the world and which is based in Antwerp. The prosecutor’s office says that countless businesses not only made use of this company’s transport services, but also benefited from fraud mechanisms that the company had on offer.The main aim of the diamond traders was to avoid having to pay tax. In all an estimated 700 million Euros in tax was defrauded from the Belgian taxpayer.
We can send you the legal documentation on request.
Savings you’ll enjoy are proven by this happy customer’s comment:

 Just a short mail to thank you very much for all your help over the past weeks and for guiding us in and for creating an amazing ring for us. Cathy is over the moon with it and sooooooo delighted. The complements have been flowing in as well 
I went to insure it and the insurance company requested an Irish valuation which I got yesterday of €11,000 which he said was at the low end of its value!!!!

( sold for 6,300 Euro only, Tax included !)

So once again thank you for your help, knowledge and guidance in our path to choosing the ring of our dreams,

All prices are:
Tax included, based on the current exchange rate, only the US$ price counts. ( BUT when you convert to Euro you save about 30% !!!)
Tax authorities are investigating sales on the internet
E-mails can be recalled and investigated.
E-mails are archived on servers for a period of 2 years as required by the Patriot Act.
We cannot reply to e-mails with illegal contents and or tax evasion intentions.

Prices are valid until the Friday of the current week, updated weekly on the Diamond Exchange.
Tax refunds apply to the following cases:

Non-Eu citizens can claim a tax refund provided:
They are not residing in the EU
They have been through customs and received a legal export stamp within 60 days of the invoice’s date.
They have returned that legally validated document to us.
or…. we have shipped from bank to bank or via FedEx or Malca-Amit after a full tax-free payment has been transferred to our bank account for non-Eu shipment.

Diplomats have special Tax exemption documents to provide at the time of purchase
EU- civil servants have certain privileges and the appropriate legal documents

Tax-Free exports are calculated using the “rule of three” example:

100 € before VAT
21% VAT = 21€
total = 121 € VAT included

To extract the same 21 € you take 121 € and -divide- by 1.21 = 100 €, we’re back to the original 100 €
Most people make the mistake of multiplying 121 € by 0.79 = 95,59 € which is clearly wrong !

All sales in the USA are always tax included and no refund is possible. imports from the USA are always subject to Tax being added.
Any credit card sales in any foreign country is always Tax included.

All others are legally bound to pay their purchase taxes in the country of purchase and will not be charged a second time upon entry in their respective EU country.

As credit card companies have yet to learn to say “Thank You, Harold” we do prefer to give you the benefit of a cash payment rather than pay them a commission fee!

Carrying cash money in airports is legally limited to 9.999 Euro. Airport gates can detect cash, trained dogs are used in  airports.