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We receive hundreds of requests each year, with unrealistic budgets or no budget at all but with pictures taken from social networks where many Ladies exchange pictures of “dream rings”. Reality is a little different when you look at a celebrity’s ring or your partner’s bank account…

Very often celebrities DO NOT buy what they wear! On the contrary, big brands PAY them to wear their clothes, shoes, handbags, watches and jewellery !!!

Please don’t send us such pictures:

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Eimhear oval lively ringfake big budget

“Less is more”

All too often we also receive pictures, always downloaded from some American web site, with horrible, bad taste, tacky or flawed designs such as these:

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bad tiffany copy 2horrible setugly halo yellowv goldwhat we would not deliverus & them

Another hot topic is the “1ct diamond”

Sorry Ladies but NO you cannot buy a decent quality 1ct diamond with a budget of 3,500 Euro only. Not unless you don’t mind being cheated by sleazy crooks who will swap the diamond for a cubic zirconia, value 10 Euro or deliver a certification that doesn’t belong to the diamond being set into the ring or hand over a treated diamond value 60% below what you think it’s worth. ( even then 60% above 3,500 Euro is still not enough for a decent 1ct round cut diamond)

1ct cannot be bought for 3,500 €

1.50ct cannot be bought for 8,000 €

2ct cannot be bought for 18,000 €

not unless you don’t mind going home with a junk diamond.

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