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Dear visitor,

After browsing so many web sites and being overwhelmed by so much contradictory information it’s time to look at some pictures that will need no explanation.

Just self-evident illustrations of the quality of craftsmanship, professionalism, reliability and honesty that will result in the very best, second to none value not just for money because that is too sad a terminology used by accountants, financial experts and other “nose in the spreadsheet” minded people but let’s call it simply the “quality of life” something that is priceless like the twinkle in the happy lady’s eyes.

When you look at these pictures you’ll understand that here you will not meet a “salesman” whose interest is the opposite of yours but a counsellor to the best of your interest!

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But what should we expect from you ?

An open exchange of information, don’t say “I don’t know” or “let’s go for coffee”  or “what time do you close today” or “what time do you open tomorrow” but tell me what you really had in mind ( real budget, real expectations ) we can only help provided you really want to be helped.

Respect for people’s work, don’t try to steal ideas, listen to objective advice and don’t pretend to know more about our profession just from some Chinese web sites totally unreliable and ill informed, non professional content.  Bad manners resulting from a lack of TRUST isn’t welcome here. We can certainly never trust anybody who doesn’t trust us.

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If you make an appointment, respect it so others aren’t prevented from coming that day, simply out of courtesy. E-mails are no excuse for bad manners

The pictures here below illustrate the level of our professionalism, second to none as confirmed in the customer comments in the menu on the left.

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